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The Comfortable Fit

While most of us are fortunate to have healthy teeth, many people find at some point in their lives that they may need a dental appliance to stabilize their bite. There are people who, for various reasons, lose some, or even all, of their teeth. Dentistry professionals are familiar with missing teeth and the resulting lack of dental function, and there are many options for replacing them. Teeth can be lost due to illness, chronic conditions, or injury. The result is an unpleasing appearance at best, and at worst, issues with chewing and talking, and even remaining teeth that might drift, or the loss of underlying bone in the jaw.

A denture set should be a serious consideration for the replacement of missing teeth. If you still have some of your own teeth, partials can be used to fill in the gaps and provide full mouth function. If you do not have any of your own teeth remaining, then a full set would be necessary. In the dentistry world, both types of oral dentures are equally popular, as they improve appearance and facial structure, and ensure a stable bite and proper function of the mouth.

Partial dentures work by attaching to your regular teeth, and their lightweight acrylic and/or metal alloy material ensure comfort as well as durability. Partials often consist of natural looking synthetic teeth that are attached to a plastic gum-like base, which is custom-tinted by your dental office to match the color of your own gums. Special metal pieces help to hold the partials in your mouth, and proper fitting partials will not cause discomfort or shift out of place.

Full dentures can look, feel, and act naturally, and can be removable, or permanently affixed in your mouth via special implants. Also known as completes, a full set of dentures will mimic a full set of teeth, and can be made to be removable, via plastic gums and metal framework, or attached permanently inside the mouth using implants that often include bone grafting. At Magnolia way dentistry, Dr. John wayand will help you decide if your set should be removable, or permanent. In either case, oral health and comfort, as well as the need for a good appearance and a stable bite, are all equally important, and will be equally considered.

When deciding which type of denture is best for you, consider how many teeth you have, if you still have them, and their health, as well as your overall oral health. If sore gums or difficulty speaking with artificial teeth is of concern, partial dentures may work best. On the other hand, if you do not have any teeth and would like to maintain a natural appearance and a stable bite, a full set may be the best choice. At our dental office near Cary NC, we will consult with you to determine the very best option.

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