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Root Canal Treatment in Apex NC and Cary NC

Root Canal Treatment

Comfortable and Easy Way To Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure performed by a professional dentist for a patient with an infection inside a tooth’s structure. This procedure is also often referred to as ‘endodontic therapy.’ Every tooth has root canals or small spaces that contain blood vessels and nerve endings. These hollows are part of the pulp chamber or interior of a tooth. Occasionally, microbes and bacteria infect the sensitive pulp, which can put the health of the tooth at risk of serious decay or complete loss.

A tooth with extensive decay, cracks or infection will require a pulpectomy to remove the dangerous infection. Dr. John Wayand has received specialized training in performing endodontic procedures and understands how to protect your tooth from further damage. Before our dentists near Apex NC and Cary NC begin this dental procedure, the patient’s oral health is analyzed with medical imaging and other diagnostic tools. Infection from can be inside or underneath the tooth, requiring different treatment plans. Part of the treatment plan will include making a natural looking crown restoration to place over the damaged tooth’s structure.

Root Canal Procedure in Apex NC and Cary NC

After a patient receives anesthesia to prevent pain, we drill carefully into a tooth’s pulp chamber to remove the infected tissue while protecting the health of surrounding tissue. The chambers of the tooth are filled with polymer materials then covered with durable sealers. Our dentists in Apex NC will use thermal heat devices to harden the polymers before applying the restoration crown. A root canal removes dangerous infection but can also weaken a tooth’s structure. We will apply a dental crown to the tooth to strengthen its structure and prevent fractures.

Although many people have some anxiety about having a root canal procedure done, our dentists in Apex NC do everything possible to make patients feel comfortable and safe in the dental chair, including using light to moderate oral sedation to help patients relax.

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