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Gum Disease Prevention & Treatment in Apex NC and Cary NC

Gum Disease Prevention & Treatment

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Patients who notice inflammation around their gums, also known as gingivitis, but also experience a sensation of feeling like their teeth are loose, may have periodontitis. This disease is caused by plaque or bacteria growing on the surface of teeth. In addition to swollen or bleeding gums, patients may experience oral health issues like an “off” taste in their mouths or bad breath.

Seeing a dentist is needed to properly diagnose periodontal disease. One way for a dentist to check to see if patients have periodontitis is to use a probe that measures the space between teeth. If the probe goes deeper than it should, it provides one indicator. A dentist will also test teeth mobility. Patients with the disease have looser teeth because the supporting fibers are deteriorating, meaning they can no longer fully support teeth. Come to our dental office in Apex NC and Cary NC location for an x-ray that may also help diagnose periodontal issues. It is helpful to compare the new x-ray with older ones to check for changes.

Stages Of Periodontitis

There are different stages of periodontitis. Those who suffer from mild to moderate forms may require a dental professional in Apex NC and Cary NC to treat it with scaling and root planning. Scaling removes plaque on the crowns and below the gum line, and planning gets to the plaque at the root of teeth. If that method does not solve the problem, we may suggest surgery to reshape gums. Surgery may also encourage bone to regenerate.

Once periodontitis reaches the severe stage, surgery is a recommended solution. In addition, we may prescribe an antibiotic to help treat any oral infection. An antibiotic sometimes helps in the prevention of tooth loss. At this stage, tooth loss becomes a greater reality, so prevention becomes a necessity.

Prevention of Gum Disease

Prevention is key. Daily brushing and flossing, having regular six-month cleanings and coming in to see our dental specialist at the first sign of any oral problems helps prevent, control or treat periodontal issues. Those who smoke should quit as quitting increases the chances of successfully controlling the disease. By following the recommended daily oral health guidelines and maintenance steps, patients have the ability to control symptoms.

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