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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

The Natural Look

In the past, people who needed to get dental fillings had limited options. Today, patients have the option of tooth-colored fillings. If you have been told that you need a dental filling, you should talk with our cosmetic dentist in Cary NC Dr. John Wayand about tooth-colored fillings and whether they are right for you. Tooth-colored fillings have a number of advantages over amalgam fillings. Below are some of those advantages.

A nicer-looking appearance! Our dentist in Apex may recommend the tooth-colored type of filling its white, just like your natural tooth. It will be impossible for anyone to tell whether you have this type of filling. A nicer-looking appearance is one of the main reasons that people choose tooth-colored fillings over others.

Better for your health! Not only does the tooth-colored type have a nicer-looking appearance, but for patients who have a sensitivity to mercury and other metals, the white variety can be better for your health. Tooth colored fillings are free of mercury and other metals that can cause sensitivities and allergies.

They are long-lasting! Many people hesitate to get tooth-colored fillings because they are more expensive than the amalgam type. However our dentists in Apex, know that the white type lasts longer because it is less prone to cracking and breaking. This type also makes it harder for bacteria to enter the tooth. If bacteria enter the tooth, then it will begin to decay again. Tooth-colored fillings may actually end up saving money over time.

Less sensitivity! Sensitivity is a common complaint that people have after they have a dental procedure. In many cases, this sensitivity is very noticeable after consuming foods or liquids that are hot or cold. The tooth colored filling type is designed to protect against sensitivity, so there is often less pain associated with eating and drinking.

Tooth colored fillings can be a great alternative to the traditional amalgam type of fillings that are commonly used, and offer several benefits to the patient.

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