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Cerec Crowns and Porcelain Dental Crowns in Apex NC and Cary NC

Natural Looking Tooth Repair

One of the most important aspects of a person’s overall health is the condition of their teeth. Often overlooked, oral health is just as important as seeing your physician to make sure you are enjoying optimal health. That’s one reason Dr. John Wayand, our Apex NC and Cary NC dentist, recommends everyone have regular dental checkups at least once per year. However, anyone who has previously had gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, should have a checkup and cleaning every six months. Regular dental checkups include x-rays to make sure you have not lost any bone in your jaw, that your teeth are cavity-free, and that your overall oral health is great. Sometimes, however, problems can arise that may make a root canal and dental crown necessary.

A dental crown is a cap that is shaped like a tooth. It is placed over a tooth that has been broken or cracked, or has been damaged by decay. Not only can a dental crown save the remaining health of a tooth, but it can also greatly improve appearance and smile.

Need of Dental Crowns

There are a variety of reasons why crowns may be required. A patient will need one if they have cracks in the teeth, have a tooth that has been broken badly and severely worn down, or they have a dental implant. Dental crowns can also support teeth that have large fillings but not much enamel left, can cover teeth that are badly discolored or misshapen, or can hold a bridge in place. Dental crowns may also be required for some cosmetic purposes.

A child may even get this procedure done for health reasons. Dental crown restoration can help prevent cavities as it can cover baby teeth or preserve teeth that cannot support fillings. In addition, it can decrease the need for anesthesia, which can be risky for children depending on their age and medical history.

It is important to care not only for your appearance with good oral hygiene, but also to know the options available if a problem arises. A restoration crown can be made from various materials. Most are made from porcelain, but there are also those made of stainless steel and other metals as well as ceramic or resin.

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