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Are Dental Implants A Cosmetic Dentistry?

Are Dental Implants A Cosmetic Dentistry?

Affixing dental implants is one of the sought-after procedures in cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC. Dental implants closely resemble dentures but are superior to them. If you require a durable solution for your lost teeth, then dental implants provided by cosmetic dentistry in Apex NC are the wisest choice to opt for. In our previous blog, we have explained how effective is dental implants in Apex NC with an oral surgeon. Read on to extract more information about dental implants and implant dentistry in Cary NC below.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are similar to our natural teeth but are made-to-order substitutes for lost teeth. Dental implants in Cary NC are affixed to the gums in perpetuity and non-removable. Oral implants are manufactured from titanium which the human body can endure.

What Are Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is an advanced technique in oral healthcare that concentrates on enhancing the looks/appearance of the teeth. Procedures offered by cosmetic dentistry fall into two categories: elective or essential. Certain cosmetic procedures offer restorative advantages too. Some of the most well-known cosmetic dentistry treatments in Apex NC are composite bonding, onlays, and inlays, teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants.

Can Cosmetic Dentists Carry Out Dental Implants in Apex NC?

The procedure can be performed by the following specialists: a cosmetic dentist, a general dentist, a periodontist or an oral surgeon. The focal point of cosmetic dentists in Cary NC is to enhance the smile of the individual through implants. Hence, an implant dentist Apex NC will recommend dental implants more often than other replacements. The majority of cosmetic dentists are educated and trained to carry out the dental implant affixing procedure without the intervention of a third party.

The Deployment of Dental Implants in Apex NC:

In the initial stage, tooth extraction is carried out by the implant dentist in Apex NC for affixing the dental implant. An alveolar bone graft is affixed to obtain a sturdy base of bone for the implant. This region will be allowed to recuperate for a couple of months. When the bone gains adequate strength the site is considered as prepared for affixing implant.

The dental implant is fastened into the jaw bone with tools and special drills. Then, a healing cap is inserted atop the implant and then the gum is mended. The healing stage follows next. A makeshift denture can substitute the missing teeth for aesthetics. Healing time is determined by the condition of the bone and it may consume at least two or up to six months. During the healing phase, the implant gets amalgamated with the jaw bone.

The Finest Implant Dentistry in Apex NC:

If you require the service of a dependable implant dentist in Cary and Apex NC, consider Dr. John Wayand at Magnolia Way Dentistry. Browse through our website to gather more information or dial us at 919 362 5777 for a conversation.

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