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How is Brushing without Flossing like Showering without Washing Under our Arms


The tooth brush can not get in between our teeth. This is the area where most decay and gum disease occurs.

Twenty Percent Missed

Tooth brushing can cleans about 80% of the surfaces of our mouths. The problem is that the 20% that the brush can not clean is where most of the dental decay and gum disease occurs.

Impossible to Reach

The only way to clean between the teeth is with dental floss.

Showering without Washing Underarms

So brushing without flossing is like showering without washing under our arms. The place that needs it the most never gets touched. We would be better off flossing and not brushing than to brush and not floss. I am not advocating that. I advocate that we do both.

Easy Flossing

The easiest way to floss is to use the small plastic floss holders. They come in bags and are only a few dollars a bag. They can be found next to the tooth brushes in any drug or grocery store.


Flossing is important because where most dental problems occur is in between the teeth where the tooth brush can not reach.

Dr. John Wayand

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