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Choices Offered By The Cosmetic Industry: A reason to Smile Again

Have you ever watched celebrities smile and wished that you too could do the same? If your misaligned tooth is standing between you and your perfect smile, then cosmetic dentistry has the solution for you. Over the years it has transformed from nascent tooth repairs to complicated aesthetic procedures.

Cosmetic industry always puts patients’ health and needs over aesthetics. The cosmetic dentist in Apex and Cary follow a need based approach. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the choices are many.

Cosmetic Dentist in Apex and Cary offer all these cosmetic dental services which include:

Teeth Whitening: This is perhaps the best known procedure across the world. Teeth whitening is the solution if discoloration or yellowish teeth are bothering you. It involves a simple procedure. But one needs to check with the cosmetic dentist before opting for teeth whitening because it is not recommended for all.

Dental Veneers: Often spotted in celebrities, dental veneers are custom-made from resin or porcelain. They are affixed to the front of the teeth, after moderately removing the enamel. This procedure gives a brand-new appearance to the teeth, enhancing the size, color and length of the teeth.

Dental Crown: It is a perfect solution to substitute a decayed tooth. A Dental crown perfectly replaces the damaged tooth above the gum line. Apart from the aesthetics, a dental crown, also known as dental cap, functionally holds a weak tooth from cracking. They withstand biting pressure because they contain metal components.

Dental Implants: Made up of titanium, a dental implant’s purpose is to replace missing teeth. It is fitted into the jaw bone and acts like a tooth root. Artificial teeth such as a crown can be anchored by dental implants.

Dental Onlays and Inlays: Also called as indirect fillings, they are composed of composite materials to fill decayed teeth. Created in a specialized laboratory, onlays and inlays are bonded in the appropriate place by the cosmetic dentist. Inlays are employed for bonding a single tooth while onlays are involved when more than one point of the tooth is involved.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding: A durable resin material in white color is pressed on the teeth in dental bonding. It is later toughened with a laser technology or UV rays for bonding resin with the teeth. Post surgery, the bonding is shaped and polished by the cosmetic dentist. It is preferred in place of silver filling.

Teeth Shaping: This procedure works with enamel by removing or adding them as per the needs of the patient. There is less pain and immediate results can be seen afterwards.

Cosmetic Orthodontics: If a buck tooth is bothering you, then orthodontics can be of help. Orthodontists are not exclusively for kids. Consult your Cosmetic dentist in Apex and Cary before visiting them.

Our cosmetic dentist in Apex and Cary has mastered the skills of cosmetic dentistry. If you believe in top-notch service for your dental problems, a Cosmetic Dentist in Apex and Cary is just a call away.

Dr. John Wayand

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