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Dentures or Dental Bridges: Which One to Pick?

Dentures or Dental Bridges: Which One to Pick?

If you are troubled by a lost tooth and are searching for a substitute, you can consider alternatives like dentures in Cary or dental fixed bridges in Apex. In our previous blog we have explained about treatment options for gum disease in Cary NC. However, hand picking an expert dental specialist before the empty spot becomes a den for multiple diseases. Consult an expert practitioner like Dr. John Wayand at Magnolia way Dentistry in Apex and Cary for his expert suggestions.

What Are Dental Fixed Bridges?

A dental bridge is an artificial cluster of teeth made of porcelain that are fastened to the crowns clinging to the abutment teeth. They are known as pontics.

What Are Dentures?

They are detachable prosthetic teeth that can be affixed to the gums if required. They range from partial dentures to complete sets.

4 Factors to Consider While Hand-Picking Dentures and Dental Fixed Bridges in Apex and Cary NC

  1. The Missing Teeth Factor:

    If all the teeth are lost or if many are missing, dentures are an ideal solution. But if two or three teeth from a row are absent, then dental fixed bridges in Cary NC would be most appropriate. Only an individual possessing adequately strong teeth and ideal bone support can opt for dental fixed bridges in Cary.

  2. Certain Troubles:

    Dentures can sometimes result in bone loss, mouth sores, face frame alteration and receding gums. Troubles while talking, sliding or eating and clicking noises are some recurring problems reported by users. They sometimes can crack effortlessly. Dental fixed bridges in Apex NC is preferable to dentures, but they require continued maintenance to stave off gum diseases.

  3. The Price Factor:

    The ultimate economical option is to opt for dentures in Cary NC. The price can vary from $350 to $500 for an individual denture. A complete group of dentures will not cross the $1000 mark. But a dental fixed bridge having two crowns and one pontic will range between $2000 to $5000. If you have a compressed budget, then dentures in Cary will be the pertinent choice.

  4. Replacement:

    If dentures in Apex NC are conserved fittingly, then it can remain stable up to seven years. Brand-new denture sets will be necessary after the expiry of the said period. The surface beneath the dental fixed bridges Apex requires everyday cleaning. Else gum diseases and other dental issues can bother you. Dental fixed bridges can endure up to five or six years. This needs to be complemented with ideal oral care and routine dental consultations.


If you are looking for a dentist in Apex and Cary NC, and require dentures or dental fixed bridges then consider Dr. John Wayand at Magnolia way Dentistry. Explore our website or dial them at 919 362 5777 for in-depth inquiries.

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