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Can Oral Sedation Dentistry Effectively Counter Dental Phobia?

Oral Sedation Dentistry and Dental Phobia | Cary & Apex NC

Dental phobia and dental anxiety are very common medical conditions that can occur to anyone despite their age. It can heavily get triggered in an atmosphere where the individual can get exposed to needles, drills, or other types of equipment. Individuals suffering from dental anxiety or phobia tend to postpone their dental treatment which often escalates into more severe issues. In our previous blog, we have explained safety factors and 4 types of sedation dentistry in Apex NC. However, oral sedation dentistry can help individuals to ease dental anxiety or phobia. Local anesthesia is not considered a sedation dentistry solution.

Oral Sedation Dentistry in Cary NC:

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry uses forms of medications to help patients stay relaxed and comfortable during the whole procedure. Patients can wake up during procedures except for the cases of general anesthesia.

How Did Oral Sedation Dentistry Aid Me To Conquer My Fears of Dental Treatment?

A sedation dentist in Cary NC facility uses various forms of medications and effective methods in order to provide relaxation and alleviate severe fear of pain during dental procedures. It is mainly for patients who are suffering from severe dental phobia. Those who are in urgent need of oral surgery, and those who are getting multiple procedures at once too can opt for it.

Advantages Associated With Oral Sedation Dentistry in Cary NC:

Oral sedation dentistry in Cary NC is available in various forms depending on the needs, requirements, and severity of the patient. The most common forms of sedation are oral and inhaled sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia.

  1. Sedatives can provide a sense of relief from anxiety for patients dealing with excessive worries and stress.
  2. Sedation dentistry provides successful and desired outcomes in cases of dental phobia by easing out the discomfort of patients with procedures.
  3. Often a sedation dentist in Apex NC, needs to get deep inside a patient's oral cavity for inspection. Gag reflex often prevents that inspection. Sedation dentistry helps ease out the gag reflexes and causes no further damage.
  4. Sedation dentistry also offers effective and painless dental care.
  5. It also makes the dental procedure fast and hassle-free.


Oral sedation dentistry is a very efficient procedure that enhances patient-dentist cooperation. It has proved to be successful for patients dealing with cases of epilepsy, cardiovascular health issues,s or other major conditions.

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