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What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry For Cosmetic Procedures

What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry For Cosmetic Procedures

With cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC, you can bring out the best in your smile through procedures that help to reduce imperfections and enhance its appearance. Don't forgo the chance to improve your smile simply because of dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry in Cary NC could be the answer to your problem. In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of sedation dentistry for cosmetic procedures . However, in this blog post, we will understand what you need to know about sedation dentistry for cosmetic procedures.

A sedation dentist in Cary, NC, provides sedatives to keep patients at ease during their dental procedures. If you have yet to experience a sedative-aided treatment, numerous questions about their usage will likely come up in your mind.

Types of Sedation:

There are several different types of sedation used in dentistry today. Depending on your needs and level of anxiety, your dentist may recommend one type over another when discussing options for sedating yourself prior to undergoing cosmetic procedures.

  1. Inhaled Sedation:

    The most common type is inhalation or "laughing gas" sedation. This type of sedation requires you to inhale a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a mask placed over your nose during the procedure. It provides a mild sense of relaxation and can help ease any anxiety or fear associated with dental procedures. Procedures such as Cerec crowns in Cary, NC , can be completed with this type of sedation.

  2. Oral Sedation Dentistry:

    Another form of sedation is oral conscious sedation which involves taking a pill before your procedure. Oral sedation dentistry in Cary, NC , has a calming effect that can make tolerating longer or more involved treatments easier without feeling overwhelmed by fear or discomfort. This type of sedation also helps reduce any potential gag reflexes you may have while undergoing treatment. Procedures such as dental implants in Cary, NC can be done with this type of sedation.

  3. IV Sedation:

    The third type of sedation is IV (intravenous) moderate conscious sedation which involves administering an IV drug directly into your bloodstream during the procedure. This type of sedation offers more profound relaxation than inhalation or oral conscious sedation and usually only lasts for as long as the procedure itself does. Procedures such as implant dentistry in Cary NC and dentures in Cary NC can be done with this type of sedation.


Sedatives offer a great solution for anyone who feels anxious about dental procedures. If you have worries like fear of needles, bad past experiences in the dentist's office, or an active gag reflex, let your dentist know so they can provide appropriate sedation tailored to your needs. For any query related to sedation dentistry, consult Dr. John Wayand, a cosmetic dentist in Cary, NC, today! He is your go-to source for all your dental needs! For more information, browse through our website or call us at 919 362 5777 right away.

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