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TMJ Pain Natural Remedy

Overview: TMJ Pain mainly comes from the muscles getting in a spasm and can be relieved by taking Calcium and Magnesium which are natural muscle relaxants.

What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for Tempo-Mandibular Joint. It is the joint next to the ear canal that articulates the lower jaw. Pain mainly comes from the muscles that support the joint and can radiate to all the chewing muscles.

This pain is caused by hours of UNCONSIOUS clenching of our teeth due to STRESS. The muscles deficient in calcium and magnesium start to spasm and cramp up. It is not uncommon with TMJ pain to have leg cramps or Charlie Horses. Both problems have the same cause. Quit often these symptoms can be relieved by taking Cal/Mag.

My Journey

I suffered with TMJ pain for 40 years. I have tried many types of mouth appliances with only minor relief. About seven years ago I read about taking Cal/Mag for TMJ in a book by Dr. Weil. In a few days I experienced relief. I have since recommended it to hundreds of patients who have gotten similar results.

Patients TMJ Pain Gone

A patient was in recently and said, “Dr. John Wayand thank you for telling me about the Cal/Mag. All my TMJ pain is gone. I told my Mom and all her’s is gone. She told a friend and all her’s is gone.” My dental assistant recently was having TMJ pain and when I enquired she said, “I run out of my Cal/Mag and have not had a chance to buy more.”

Our Bodies Need Cal/Mag

Every bone and muscle in our bodies needs Cal/Mag. We are supposed to get it from the same place that horses and cows with huge muscle and bone mass get theirs, eating greens leafy vegetables. I get my greens from Green Smoothies (Google it). If we do not eat enough of these foods we need to take supplements.

Some patients say “I get mine from Dairy”. The problem is high protein in a food blocks calcium adsorption and there is no magnesium which the body needs with the calcium. Some of the highest dairy consuming countries in the world have the highest osteoporosis.

When my wife was having trouble sleeping and her doctor told her to take six Cal/Mag tablets an hour before bed to relax and calm her muscles. It helped her sleep better.

What to Buy and How to Take it

  1. Buy CALCIUM CITRATE (you probably have heard of CitraCal) it is adsorbed better.
  2. Buy Cal/Mag all in one tablet that is a 2/1 ratio. Usually they are 500mg Cal and 250mg Mag. A good brand will have Vitamin D in it also because it is needed to process the Cal.
  3. Start by taking 2 or 3 tablets in the AM and 2 or 3 also in the PM. After your pain is relieved adjust the amount according to what you need to relieve your symptoms. We need a lot of it.
  4. If you stop taking it and your pain comes back, start again. Unless you are getting enough Cal/Mag from your diet most people will need to take it for the rest of their life. Woman should be taking it for bone density anyway.

If you do this and get 80 to 90% relief most patients are very happy.

Traditional TMJ Appliances

TMJ bite appliances cost over $500. Some doctors make a $2,500 appliance and then recommend $25,000 full mouth reconstruction of the bite to relieve TMJ pain. Some patients for various reasons will still need a bite guard appliance. I have only made a few appliances a year in the seven years since I have been recommending Cal/Mag. I use to make several a month.


Cal/Mag gets to the cause of the pain. The muscles are in spasm and cramping. Cal/Mag is what is needed for the muscles to relax and function normally.

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