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Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Options for Gum Disease

Gum disease results in red and swollen gums. It is important to seek quick attention and get the problem treated. It is important to take this problem seriously as neglecting it may lead to more painful and uncomfortable conditions resulting in full-blown periodontal disease. Dr. John Wayand at Magnolia Way Dentistry is a renowned dentist who provides high-end gum disease treatments. Reach out to Magnolia Way Dentistry for gum disease prevention and treatment in Apex and Cary NC.

8 Responsible Factors for Gum Disease:

1. Lack of Dental Hygiene:
The most common cause behind gum disease is lack of dental hygiene. Those who brush their teeth habitually can even catch gum disease. Customarily, people bracket dental hygiene with brushing and cleansing teeth. Nevertheless, gums are left out from this habitual cleaning resulting in gum disease.
2. Bacteria Buildup:
Gum disease also results due to bacteria buildup in the mouth. This bacteria causes the sticky plaque buildup on the teeth.
3. Smoking:
Excessive smoking also results in various gum diseases. It is important to refrain from smoking when diagnosed with gum disease.
4. Genetic:
There are certain genetic factors also responsible for gum diseases. If gum disease is neglected in the early and later stages, it could lose teeth and damage soft tissue and bone-supporting teeth.
5. Prevention from Gum Disease:
Flossing is the best way to prevent gum diseases. It helps in the removal of plaque. Failing to do so results in tartar buildup, which cannot be removed from flossing and brushing.
6. Gum Disease Treatment:
The dentist may suggest a few gum disease treatments in Apex depending on the severity of gums.
7. Root Planning:
It involves deep cleaning of the gums and teeth, removing all the built-up tartar and plaque, and bacteria. Dental tools and more modern techniques are also used, such as laser removal, which is more comfortable for the patient with less swelling, bleeding, pain, or discomfort.
8. Surgery:
If the gum disease is advanced, surgery may be required, which would depend on the dentist's advice. No matter what the treatment, it would be important to maintain and continue a regular program of meticulous dental hygiene at home.

Gum Disease Treatment in Apex:

As soon as you witness the tell-tale signs of gum disease, it is imperative to fix an appointment with the dentist and get it treated, lest it escalates into a serious issue. If you are looking for gum disease treatment in Apex and Cary NC, consider Dr. John Wayand at Magnolia Way Dentistry. For more information call us at request for an appointment right away!!

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