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Who Should You Approach To Carry Out Your Dental Implant Surgery?

A dental implant is a surgically placed artificial ‘tooth root’ that acts as a strong base or foundation to prop up dental prostheses such as bridges, dentures, or crowns. This modern orthodontic anchor is affixed by employing materials like titanium to create an intimate connection to the bone.

Your Filtered List Of Dental Service Experts:

Opting for dental implants to replace missing teeth is a popular choice. They give off a natural look, ensure durability, help tremendously in the chewing of food and have a high success rate. But the procedure is surgical and invasive and calls for skilled and experienced hands. Therefore it is vital to pick the right implant dentist in Apex and Cary NC like Dr. John Wayand who practices at Magnolia Way Dentistry for your dental implant placements.

Who can you trust to approach for your dental implant procedure? With so many medical terms and qualifications of dentists causing confusion, you could be at a loss as to which dentist to consult. Here is a brief glossary of dental experts or practitioners for you:

  1. General dentist:
    Does a general family dentist fit the bill? The focus of a general dentist is to provide basic restoration and preventive dental care. These days many general dentists are offering teeth replacement via dental implants. But for a general dentist, the experience in oral surgery is limited.
  2. Cosmetic dentist:
    They are basically concerned with uplifting the aesthetics of your teeth and facial appearance. A cosmetic dentist may recommend implants as a solution for a captivating smile! Many of them work in coordination with oral surgeons for better results and expert guidance.
  3. Periodontists:
    A periodontist provides solutions to gum problems and jawbone issues. They have extra schooling as well as clinical experience over others when it concerns the affairs of the mouth. These factors make them one of the go-to service providers when it comes to dental implants.
  4. Oral surgeon:
    They are the most experienced when it comes to a perfect job of dental implants. Since dental implants involve an invasive surgical procedure, many prefer to consult oral surgeons. Visiting an oral surgeon who is skilled at bone grafting surgeries helps to make the patients feel secure.
    Choosing an expert implant dentist keeping in mind the above criteria can help you have a safe and perfect dental implant job done without any anxieties.


If you are in search of an implant dentist in Apex and Cary NC for your dental implants, visit Dr. John Wayand who practices at Magnolia Way Dentistry today. Reach out to them to understand whether you are qualified to opt for dental implants. Visit their website or dial them any day to have a conversation.

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