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Is Sedation an Option for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

Is Sedation an Option for Cosmetic Dentistry? | Cary NC

Cosmetic dentistry includes lots of procedures and techniques, like shaping and bonding of teeth, inserting implants etc. However, some of them are quite convenient to perform and cause negligible pain. For example, teeth whitening doesn't require sedation dentistry. But procedures like root canal treatment require sedatives. In our previous blog, we have explained the 7 most common cosmetic dentistry procedures in Cary NC. Hence, lots of factors decide if sedation is required for a cosmetic dentistry procedure or not.

Use of Sedation Dentistry in Cary NC:

There are multiple forms of sedation available in cosmetic dentistry in Cary NC. Their usage varies depending on the procedure. It is pivotal to discuss sedation with the dentist and confirm if sedation would be required or not.

3 Common Used Forms of Sedation Dentistry in Apex NC:

  1. Nitrous Oxide Gas:

    Nitrous oxide gas in Cary NC is another effective sedative used in such dental procedures. The brownie point here is that there is no needle involved! The gas will be passed on via a mask. The only con of this method is the lack of high precision, unlike the IV route.

  2. IV Sedation:

    This is a popular and widely used sedation form. The best part is that it is very effective and starts working almost instantaneously. With sedation dentistry in Cary NC you will feel calm and the procedure will be over even before you know. Just the prick of a needle might be painful, but that can be easily managed by applying a local anesthetic beforehand.

  3. Oral Sedation:

    It is an uncomplicated and expedient method of getting sedated. With oral sedation dentistry in Cary NC patient takes in a sedative by mouth, hence no hassles are involved. But it takes long before the effects start showing.

3 Procedures That Require Sedation Dentistry in Cary NC:

  1. Dental Implants:

    Tooth loss is an unpleasant and agonizing experience in itself. While you insert dental implants in Apex NC or dental veneers in Cary NC, you don’t need to feel any more pain! Sedatives will surely make the process bearable and relaxing for you.

  2. Removal of Wisdom Tooth:

    This particular tooth tends to come out in a curved and wrong manner, since it grows later in life. Using a sedative is extremely helpful for a smooth and pain-free treatment.

  3. Grafting of bone:

    Bone grafting can be a painful process for dealing with improper dentures in Cary NC. Sedatives aid in minimizing the pain.


Sedatives are a vital part of cosmetic dental procedures. However, only an experienced and professional cosmetic dentist or sedation dentistry in Cary NC knows how to use it in the best and safest manner. Dr. John Wayand, at Magnolia Way Dentistry can definitely solve your doubts and teeth issues. For more information, call us at 919 362 5777 for an appointment.

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