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Seven Familiar Indications Conveying That You Require a Root Canal Treatment

It's important to determine whether you require root canal treatment in Cary or not. It's because the symptoms are somewhat hard to notice. And sometimes, only a seasoned dentist can decipher whether you require root canal treatment in Cary that is often a result of gum disease. In this blog, you'll find seven common signs to help you diagnose root canal treatment at home. You can go through the signs, and if you notice something, you can visit a dentist ASAP.

7 Common Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment in Cary, NC:

  1. Pain That Does Not Go:

    It's a common issue that can indicate a lot of problems. If you experience pain in your mouth while eating or drinking, you should visit Dr. John Wayand - Magnolia Way Dentistry. He'll help you diagnose the problem within minutes.

  2. Cracked Tooth:

    Another common sign is a chipped or cracked tooth. It usually happens because of sports injuries, eating hard food, etc. It can cause infection, which, when untreated, requires root canal treatment in Apex.

  3. Sensitivity:

    If you feel a slight ache while consuming hot or cold foods, it can be a sign too. It's because this pain can indicate damaged nerve endings and/or blood vessels. And if it's left untreated, RCT comes out as the possible solution.

  4. Swollen Gum Area:

    If there's inflammation in your gums, it can indicate a deeper problem. Sometimes, due to infection beneath the surface, a bump is formed. And if inflamed gums do not improve, gum disease treatment in Cary is what you'll need.

  5. Discoloration of Tooth:

    Poor dental hygiene leads to tooth discoloration. It can damage both your enamel and can harm the aesthetics. And if it affects the nerves beneath the enamel, your dentist will recommend Root canal Treatment.

  6. Decay:

    Once the tooth decay runs deep, even regular brushing cannot solve the issue. It's because deep decay affects the roof and causes infection. And this can only be solved using root canal treatment in Cary.

  7. Mobility of Tooth:

    Sometimes the tooth becomes loose due to infection. It can usually be treated easily. However, if one or more teeth remain mobile for long, it can indicate a complex problem. And the solution to this problem, as you would have guessed, will be root canal treatment.


For the finest root canal treatment in Cary, consider Dr. John Wayand of Magnolia Way Dentistry. Dr. John Wayand has incomparable experience in the dental industry. Patients obtain the most devoted and quality dental care possible under Dr. John Wayand. Inspect our website to gather more information regarding appointments and to access reviews and patient testimonials. For more information call us at 919 362 5777 and have a conversation right away.

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