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Does Root Canal Fall in the Dental Emergency Category?

Do Root Canal Treatment Lies In Emergency Dentistry

Are you a victim of unceasing toothache? Do you have a tooth that is infected? Well, if your answer is a yes to these questions, you must opt for an emergency root canal treatment Apex NC. In our previous blog, we have explained 7 common signs you need a root canal treatment in Cary, NC. However, if you live in or around Apex, visit Magnolia Way Dentistry today and consult Dr. John Wayand.

A Misconception of Root Canal Treatment in Apex, NC:

Most of us have a common misconception. This is regarding the doubt of whether a root canal treatment is a dental emergency or not. A tooth infection, if not treated at the earliest stage, can cause infections and discomfort. Hence, when you opt for root canal, your teeth infection is treated in the early stage along with gum disease treatment in Cary, NC. Dr. John Wayand at Magnolia Way Dentistry states that it is important for you to treat your infected tooth with root canal treatment.

Why Is Root Canal Treatment in Apex NC Counted as an Emergency Procedure?

The field of emergency dentistry counts root canal as an emergency dental treatment. We all understand that tooth infections can transform into an unpleasant experience for us. Most often, tooth infections can be dangerous and, if left unchecked, can even harm your entire teeth. An infected tooth can even lead to other issues such as gum bleeding or blood infections and can be a significant threat to your oral health. Hence, a root canal treatment with an emergency dentist in Apex NC can help solve future emergencies with respect to your infected tooth and other teeth

Root Canal Treatment in Apex NC:

With the advancement in emergency dentistry in Apex NC, root canal treatment has become a highly effective way to treat an infected tooth. During a root canal treatment, the oral surgeon in Apex NC will work on first removing the decayed tooth.

Steps Involved During Root Canal Treatment in Apex NC:

Once the decayed or infected tooth is removed from your mouth, the emergency dentist will clean your tooth completely. They will clean the inside of your mouth. This will prevent the infection from advancing into neighboring teeth. Our emergency dentist also considered sedation dentistry in Apex NC to reduce the pain. Once the infected tooth has been removed, and the cleaning has been done, the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth with aid from dental-safe disinfectants. This will help in strengthening the pulp of your tooth. As a last procedure, the dentist will put a dental crown or a dental filling to make sure that your teeth stay protected.

No More Suffering From Toothaches!

If you find yourself facing any pain or discomfort in your teeth, it’s high time you visit your nearest emergency dentist and opt for root canal treatment in Apex NC. The earlier you visit your dentist, the easier you can get relief from your tooth pain. Browse through our website of Magnolia Way Dentistry to gather more details about their root canal treatment. Dr. John Wayand is a renowned dental practitioner in the Apex NC region. Dial us at 919 362 5777 to have a conversation with the representatives of Magnolia Way Dentistry right away.

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